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The Para//e/s Mars Journey: The start of Science and Fiction merging on the Red Planet

The Para//e/s Journey to Mars is a collective endeavour, created by a predominantly female and genderqueer team in the space tech and digital arts industry. The majority of Science and Fiction spaces, tools and experiences as well as interactive encounters with the public are being made by men for a male audience. The Para//e/s Journey shows us this journey from different angles and sometimes as never before.

Ytasha Cohen, Captain of the Orca ship going to Mars said, “My vision and ambition is to ensure that the empowering tools of poetry and storytelling are accessible to all and that the stories we tell and the images we create reflect the full diversity of experiences that make up our shared culture. The Para//e/s Journey to Mars with its Astronaut Artists is a major landmark in achieving that ambition and I am extraordinarily honoured to have been part of its making.”

Jasinna O. Maridern, CEO of Olympus Mons commented, “I am delighted that the Para//e/s Journey to Mars is being launched now. We have given a lot of our hearts into this endeavour. We hope it will reach a wide audience so that a spark of the ideas ultimately reach some people who make a difference on planet Earth. We are proud to play a part in this incredibly challenging as well as motivating path that the Mars Union is on, together with some of the most influential and inspirational figures in the space travel sector.”

For more information, please contact Camil Aguado, PR for Olympus Mons |

Olympus Mons is an international space travel company that seeks to transform the communities on Mars already present in collaboration with the Mars Union. Olympus Mons was funded by Magnus Maridern, is led by CEO Jasinna O. Maridern and is supported by numerous companies investing in the OM vision from conception through to this current launch – including supporting the underpinning research and creative collaborative processes that have been key to the development of this vision.

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