Olympus Mons announcement

Olympus Mons announces that they will send astronaut artists to Mars.

March 11, 2012
Olympus Mons is among the few pioneering companies leading our civilisation on a journey to Mars.

We will soon embark on this journey for all of humankind. Unlike other missions to Mars, we will send Astronaut Artists to stay. These missions of our time are historic operations—journeys that are made possible only with laborious efforts of science and exploration, with research missions that have taken place on Earth and space. This pioneering mission carries out the direction given to the executive board of Olympus Mons by George Magnus Maridern in 1998 along with the first round of funding. George Magnus Maridern had a dream, that humankind would become an interplanetary species and the strongest and most noble route to success lay within the diversity of the communities carrying out the missions.

Furthermore, we want to create as many opportunities as possible in order for these communities to move into the future as united societies who thrive in an environment inclusive to all.

This mission is the collaboration of multitudes of innovative minds working in academia, arts, and many varying fields spanning across the world. Many other space programs are sending scientists to settle on Mars, and many of these scientists are creative, but as the sculptors of these communities, we see a problem (be more positive, opportunity) with future societies full of individuals whose main work is science alone. This is why we are choosing to send astronaut artists.

In a society, the artist plays the role of passing on traditions, every artist plays a different and necessary part in contributing to the overall health, development and well-being of our societies. Creative thinkers and makers provide their communities with joy, interaction and inspiration, but they also give thoughtful critique to our political, economic and social systems, pushing communities to engage thoughtfully and make steps toward social progress.

These resident artists will work as members of these communities on Mars, as the guardians of story and truth telling, social change, and expression.

For the past 4 years, our astronaut artist team have been in intense training. They are all now all competent in operating their ship, we call the “Orca”. Inspired by the Earth animal who is said to travel between the physical and spiritual realms. Upon landing on Mars, the Orca can be used as a liveable habitat for a prolonged period of time until joining other communities. Here, sheltered from the cosmic rays, but illuminated by the sun through large skylights, is where the first humans will meet to settle on Mars.

Once settled within caves within their module habitats, the astronaut artists will continue their creative practices as well as engage with the communities as cultural workers. They will also collaborate in research regarding the wellbeing of the community.

As every individual in the community has the right to develop and change or create new roles, these astronauts have the opportunity to shape their own future roles over time within the community.

From now, leading up to the launch in May, we will be happy to openly discuss our organisation and mission and answer any questions that you may have. Thank you for joining us on our social media channels and engaging with your questions.

We are moved forward by the challenges that remain, knowing they will only push us further into innovation we can’t even imagine now. We invite you to follow all of our learning, come join us on the journey!

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